People talk about how easy it is

But it feels like the hardest thing to do.

They say,

They are at peace

And I ask myself why I’m not.

Why am I finding it hard,

To fall in love with my fears.



In you

I found a friend,

A lover

In you

I found a liar


A cheat

Which side of the apple

Do I bite from,

Green or red?


With you

I come alive


Those harsh words came to her in the night

In form of her lover.

they kissed her all over and left her,





she prayed for the sun to come out,

to be hopeful again

but it was like waiting for rain during summer.

she would never forget the night

she was scarred for life.


​Dear Friend, Dear Enemy

Think ‘ere ye act

Hie hie hie

Hence, dont be reluctant

Time doth not wait for man

Dost ye think thy control the gates ?

‘Tis time that makes a man

Oh ye! It wont wait 


Healed Wounds

​You say you regret your actions, yet you aren’t remorseful.

How do you expect this to work, when there’s a third party.

You are not deserving

Time is running out ,I need you to free me 

I can’t be your prisoner anymore.

Today I’m alive, tomorrow I might not be

Let me be wild today, before the sun comes out tomorrow.

Leave me be.

The Mask

I am a black rose from a garden filled with red ones.

Always looking to the red ones for strength and love 

But I’m always cast aside.

I put on my happy mask everyday, 

The sad one is too revealing.

I don’t want the world to see how burnt i am 

Instead, I hide my tears behind the mask,

Waiting for someone to finally remove the mask.


I’m not perfect 

I make mistakes and that’s what makes me human 

The only time I feel almost perfect is when I write 

That’s the only time my heart takes control 

That’s the only time I truly feel alive 

That’s the only time I don’t feel like I’m drowning in a box 

That’s the only time I feel like me.

I don’t know about you 

But that’s the only time I let my emotions out .

Broken wings



Those scars those scars

Shine like the stars

Only if you could see through them

You would know the story behind

Deep deep within those bitter sweet memories

Lies a dark secret and a good fortune

Which is inevitable.


She was depicted as glamorous

With holes and stiches,

Yet none could see

How she was acting, so guile.


Down to earth, a description of her

But a rotter she thought of herself.

Only if the world could see

How broken she is.












I have a beautiful family

I am grateful for all i have, yet I’m unhappy. 
My body dances to the rhythm everyday 

My brain acquires all the information it can 

My stomach is always satisfied 

I go to school and I have a roof under my head 

And yet, I’m unhappy. 
My question is why? 
Why does my body tell me I’m not loved? 

Why do I feel like an avalanche is on top of me? 

Why do I feel like my weight is killing me suddenly? 
Maybe it’s because I’ve given my body all that it desires and forgotten about my soul. 
A wise man once told me the soul doesn’t belong in this world, it belongs in the hereafter, 

With the Creator 

In order to make it happy, 

You need to please the Creator for the Soul to be at ease. 
Maybe this is the cause of my unhappiness. 
I’ve been too engrossed in making my body happy and have forgotten about the soul.
I am in shambles.​