I use words

To paint pictures


When I’m writing

I write with rage,

With passion

And that’s beautiful


I can’t seem to let go of you even when I know you’re bad for me


I need a little bit of hurt

To remind me of when I put a leash on the wild in me

Because with you,

I hide my pain

With you,

I forget

And I don’t want to forget

Because it’s a part of me now.


Do me a favor

Let me go.

I know it’s going to hurt you


I care about me

More than I do you.

Born Again

Looking at the sun

From my room

As the rain pours,

Thinking about nothing

But how beautiful

The world looks

For the first time.

Now that I’m back on my feet

With an unapologetic smile on my face

For fighting all those monsters

That held me close

When no one was there,

All memories now.

I am happy to announce,

The birth

Of a beautifully scarred soul.

MY Art

I’m standing in a room,


People pointing fingers at me

Some are plucking my wings,

Breaking me.

This is how I feel whenever I share my thoughts and feelings.


I can’t break,

So I hide behind this

And this gives me life.