​Dear Friend, Dear Enemy

Think ‘ere ye act

Hie hie hie

Hence, dont be reluctant

Time doth not wait for man

Dost ye think thy control the gates ?

‘Tis time that makes a man

Oh ye! It wont wait 



Healed Wounds

​You say you regret your actions, yet you aren’t remorseful.

How do you expect this to work, when there’s a third party.

You are not deserving

Time is running out ,I need you to free me 

I can’t be your prisoner anymore.

Today I’m alive, tomorrow I might not be

Let me be wild today, before the sun comes out tomorrow.

Leave me be.

The Mask

I am a black rose from a garden filled with red ones.

Always looking to the red ones for strength and love 

But I’m always cast aside.

I put on my happy mask everyday, 

The sad one is too revealing.

I don’t want the world to see how burnt i am 

Instead, I hide my tears behind the mask,

Waiting for someone to finally remove the mask.


I’m not perfect 

I make mistakes and that’s what makes me human 

The only time I feel almost perfect is when I write 

That’s the only time my heart takes control 

That’s the only time I truly feel alive 

That’s the only time I don’t feel like I’m drowning in a box 

That’s the only time I feel like me.

I don’t know about you 

But that’s the only time I let my emotions out .

Broken wings



Those scars those scars

Shine like the stars

Only if you could see through them

You would know the story behind

Deep deep within those bitter sweet memories

Lies a dark secret and a good fortune

Which is inevitable.


She was depicted as glamorous

With holes and stiches,

Yet none could see

How she was acting, so guile.


Down to earth, a description of her

But a rotter she thought of herself.

Only if the world could see

How broken she is.












I have a beautiful family

I am grateful for all i have, yet I’m unhappy. 
My body dances to the rhythm everyday 

My brain acquires all the information it can 

My stomach is always satisfied 

I go to school and I have a roof under my head 

And yet, I’m unhappy. 
My question is why? 
Why does my body tell me I’m not loved? 

Why do I feel like an avalanche is on top of me? 

Why do I feel like my weight is killing me suddenly? 
Maybe it’s because I’ve given my body all that it desires and forgotten about my soul. 
A wise man once told me the soul doesn’t belong in this world, it belongs in the hereafter, 

With the Creator 

In order to make it happy, 

You need to please the Creator for the Soul to be at ease. 
Maybe this is the cause of my unhappiness. 
I’ve been too engrossed in making my body happy and have forgotten about the soul.
I am in shambles.​

Mind game

I thought I was your friend, your sister 

Where were you when I was not myself? 

Where were you when my body was putting negative thoughts in my head? 
I just needed you at that time 

I looked up to you, but you let me down. 

You left me. 
I danced to the rhythm alone 

I was spinning so fast 

I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I did. 

I spoke to God. 
I depended on you 

I got so attached 

I thought it was you and I against the world but I thought wrong. 
I Gave you my all 

But you threw it away. 

It’s too late now 

The music is dead 

Just silent voices left. 
Too bad you can’t hear them 

The music has made you deaf. 
Being a loner isn’t bad 

You made it fun for me and now I keep having wild thoughts. 
I used to think we were the same, but not anymore. 

We live in two different places now. 
I don’t like what you like 

I don’t eat what you eat 

You breath but I don’t because I’m not really alive. 
This is just a game.​

An open wound 

I guess I’ve never thought about death until you came along. You put the fear of dying in my heart and at that moment, I became scared. 
Maybe God wanted to tell me something 

So I can increase my faith .

But I took it the wrong way 

I became insecure 

Not the confident little girl

Not mummy’s little baby 

But a grown woman

And in a way, I’m thankful it happened 

And I’m not at the same time. 
I isolate myself because of you 

I’m scared of people getting too close to me because my days are counted. 
I wish I could see the tall man that pushed me away that night, not to thank him 

But to ask him why,

Why he didn’t allow me to leave this world in peace. 

Now I live with guilt everyday. 
Is he still alive? 

Does he go around saving people? 

Maybe it was an angel God sent to me that night 

To protect me from the man in the black car that was sent to end my life. 
My heart literally stopped when he laughed and shouted 

   “I’m drunk”

The one that got away 

The one that got away. I’ve met a million other people 

After you I had another

And also one after the other 

I thought it was going to feel the same

I was wrong

And that was when I knew that for me,

Love was you. 


With you,

It felt extremely different from the others

I had not realized this until another came

But still couldn’t make me feel the same 

You made me feel like I was worth a million bucks,

and even more. 

You made me believe that love,

was more than just a word

was more than just feelings 

You gave love a meaning for me. 

You made me feel PRICELESS. 
With you

I found out a part of me I didn’t know about

It was the first time I placed someone else before myself 

I let go of my pride for you without any hesitation 

I became the person I didn’t know I was

I became weak when it came to anything about you

With you I got confused who I loved more

Whether it was you or myself

I’m yet to figure out. 
With you

I began to lose myself

Because it was always about you 

Nothing else but you 

Even you before myself 

I got scolded at for being so into you 

Everyone told me that this love story would end someday 

I told them they were wrong

I argued you were different 

and definitely not like the others 

Because I had nothing but hope in you

All my trust was in you 

I never for once imagined you leaving

Or even if I did it was a dream

But unfortunately you proved everyone right 

And proved me wrong

You ended up leaving
With you

It was the first time I had sleepless nights

Thinking where I had gone wrong 

I blamed myself even if I didn’t leave 

You left but I still justified why you left

I became a fool for you

I always am when it comes to you 

You made me believe the saying that 

Love is the closest to death 

I had to learn the hard way 

And that’s why I’ll always call you

The one that got away. 
Maybe you were meant to come into my life but you weren’t meant to stay. 

I still wish you were meant to stay

But it will be fine I know

I still have puzzles in my head

Trying to figure out 

Why exactly you got away.​