Mind game

I thought I was your friend, your sister 

Where were you when I was not myself? 

Where were you when my body was putting negative thoughts in my head? 
I just needed you at that time 

I looked up to you, but you let me down. 

You left me. 
I danced to the rhythm alone 

I was spinning so fast 

I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I did. 

I spoke to God. 
I depended on you 

I got so attached 

I thought it was you and I against the world but I thought wrong. 
I Gave you my all 

But you threw it away. 

It’s too late now 

The music is dead 

Just silent voices left. 
Too bad you can’t hear them 

The music has made you deaf. 
Being a loner isn’t bad 

You made it fun for me and now I keep having wild thoughts. 
I used to think we were the same, but not anymore. 

We live in two different places now. 
I don’t like what you like 

I don’t eat what you eat 

You breath but I don’t because I’m not really alive. 
This is just a game.‚Äč