I have a beautiful family

I am grateful for all i have, yet I’m unhappy. 
My body dances to the rhythm everyday 

My brain acquires all the information it can 

My stomach is always satisfied 

I go to school and I have a roof under my head 

And yet, I’m unhappy. 
My question is why? 
Why does my body tell me I’m not loved? 

Why do I feel like an avalanche is on top of me? 

Why do I feel like my weight is killing me suddenly? 
Maybe it’s because I’ve given my body all that it desires and forgotten about my soul. 
A wise man once told me the soul doesn’t belong in this world, it belongs in the hereafter, 

With the Creator 

In order to make it happy, 

You need to please the Creator for the Soul to be at ease. 
Maybe this is the cause of my unhappiness. 
I’ve been too engrossed in making my body happy and have forgotten about the soul.
I am in shambles.‚Äč